WordCamp Mobile App
Rahul Raja
2014-08-01 17:50:36 UTC
Of course when its open source then anyone can work on it.
But this will also require some support from the Wordpress community like
feedbacks on my
UIs and code and slight help sometimes.
Also as Eric said, are the efforts towards this app welcome?
If the community gives heads up, then i would like to start some time
after GSOC ends.

There are no rules saying you can't. All of the *WordPress* mobile apps
are fully open source and maintained by the community. If you were to
independently work on a *WordCamp* mobile app, I'm sure the effort would
be welcome!
Hi All.
I whole heartedly wanted to take up the Wordcamp App development in GSOC
but none of the wordcamp proposals were selected this year.
So can i take this development work as an open-source project after this
GSOC ends? I built some nice UIs and would iterate on them to build a great
application.Also,is the WP-API consistent consistent enough for Wordcamp?
I have worked extensively on Android in the past 4 years and also as a
developer in GSOC.